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Alex Guttering is the most reputable guttering company operating in Melbourne over last sixteen years. Alex guttering not only provide gutter installation but also provide services for gutter replacement, gutter repair and gutter cleaning and roofing in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

About me

I am highly experienced with working on existing houses over 16 years.

I’m very friendly, approachable, hardworking, and highly focused on providing you with the best service.

I will travel across Melbourne Area and Regional Victoria.

I’ll provide you with an honest recommendation for either replacing your Gutters, repair, and/or cleaning.

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Our Services

Gutters confront all types of weather and protects your house from Wind, Rain, Hail, and Heat. Gutters fill up with leaves and garbage over the years due to the weather changes. Over time, this prevents the flow of water and can affect your house internally as cracks in your walls and leaking of water will appear.

Gutter replacement

Gutter repair

Gutter cleaning and Roofing

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Guttering is a metal tray that appears on the surface of your house. This is also called rain gutter.
The material’s main purpose is to help the rain move in one direction away from the house to
protect your home from water entering and damaging your Roof and interior.

If your gutters aren’t maintained and cleaned regularly or replaced with new Gutters, then water will
enter your home causing damage to the interior. And this will cause you to spend more money fixing
other items in your home.

Most gutters and downpipes last for up to 20 years if cleaned and maintained regularly.

All materials are purchased from ACE Gutters, this company is well known, trusted and reliable.
There are many types of guttering. Alex can assist you choosing the right fit for your home.

Fascia is a metal piece as per the image that is used as a base to attach the gutters to, or as
a cover to hide the fixing space between the roof, eaves and wall. 
Fascia allows the home to have a classy appearance.

Downpipe is connected to the Gutter and as the water flows in the Gutter. The water travels in the
gutter and makes its way to the downpipe so the water doesn’t get trapped in the gutter.

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